16 April 2012

Today in books

Actually, I lied. First up: not in books. Artani. This stylish shop stocks langani designs, as well as many other carefully selected things of beauty. Think Japanese paper, silk scarves, and objects for the home. Königstraße may appear to be the main spot for shopping in Stuttgart, but clearly one should explore the areas around it too.

But back on Königstraße and back to books: Wittwer. One of those stores you shouldn't go into because once you're inside you notice that it has multiple floors and that coffee is served on one of them—danger! But I was mostly good. I only bought three things. First, a good cycling map of our area—totally practical. Second, a graded reader with CD for studying German, published by Cornelsen. And third, not Calvin and Hobbes but Calvin und Hobbes: Von Tigern, Teufelskerlen und nervigen Vätern. I often stop myself before I buy things in translation. Shouldn't I be focusing on something that was written in German, by a German person? Well, maybe later. I know that I like Calvin and Hobbes, so hopefully I'll actually, read it. And, you know, learn something.

As for things that I didn't buy... Some books that look really handsome on the shelf are those released by Insel-Bücherei for their 100th year celebrations. The only pity is that the printing quality in those that contain colour illustrations isn't very good.

While the patterns on the covers of the aforementioned series are eye-catching, I quite like a book that's completely filled with patterns. Frechmann Koló's decorative design books are very tempting.

And whereas the colour printing in the Insel books wasn't so great, the overlay of colours in the graphic novel Niemandsland by Blexbolex will make you want to rub your face all over the pages right there in the bookstore.

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