31 March 2012


07:30 on a Saturday morning is a time to start removing paving. Not necessarily my favourite time, but a time, indeed.

Since we moved into this apartment in September, it seemed someone was constantly renovating something. Present company included. Though being renters we mostly cleaned, painted walls, and then drilled a few holes in them. As others were buying apartments around us, they were putting new tiles in, etc. Anyway. Every time I would think "seems it's over", it would turn out that another apartment had changed hands. This morning does put the icing on the cake though. They've been working on the paving of the building next door. Time to remove the old paving? Why yes indeed. See you 07:30 Saturday morning, sharp. Thanks blue truck with "Schwarz" written on it, thank you very much.

Guess we'll have to continue doing some building of our own. Much more quietly.

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