19 March 2012

Around the village by day, around city museums by night

I took this on Friday when the weather was insanely lovely. Like, nice South African winter day lovely. I love these delicate forms and how they're slowly becoming brittle and revealing their veins. I dream of a silver pendant like that, with some orange jewel inside.

On Saturday we took a walk among the fields, as you do when you're all couply and settled and have free time in this country. In the evening we attended Stuttgart's Museum Night, where museums, galeries, cultural institutions and other interesting places are open until about three in the morning. Trying to go on the Stuttgarter Newspaper printing press tour ended up being a bust, but we saw a bunker that was converted into a hotel and is now just a bunker-hotel ruin basically. Queueing to go in, my husband's colleague remarked how his grandmother told him about waiting in line while bombers were flying overhead. No point in being pushy and disorganised—you'll probably only retard your descent to safety. Other things we saw included containers being moved around at the river harbour, and everything to do with animals, plants, sex and evolution at Schloss Rosenstein.

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