18 March 2012

Antwerp III: My kind of holy

BOOKS! Lots of old books! And everything to do with making them. You know, in the olden days. European olden days. That's what you can see at Antwerp's Plantin-Moretus Museum.

Only view this slideshow if you want to see a lot of printing paraphernalia and beautiful old books. Design Loving has a much more lovely and succinct view.

There was also some more modern book exploration on day three. I went to Cultuurcentrum Mechelen to visit the number one bunny in the world, Miffy. Their Dick Bruna expo is on until 3 June. It isn't very large, but a lot of trouble has been taken to provide fun activities for kids while still giving an interesting overview of Bruna's life and work. I really liked seeing all the other work he did for his father's publishing company, specifically the covers for their Zwarte Beertjes paperback books. Bruna is 84 and still works every day.

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  1. Hehehe! Miffy is your co-pilot! I saw some Miffy plates at Hard-Off the other day and thought of you :)