16 February 2012

Unpacking... still? Again?

We're the proud owners of one of those big IKEA shelves. You know the one. So unpacking boxes has been relaunched, since there's actually somewhere to put some of the stuff now. My husband's already convinced that I've run out of space, but I'm not defeated yet!

I did however see a full box this morning that I hadn't noticed yesterday. Ganbarimasu.

Some things are fun to unearth. As you can see on left, I found some pictures in an ikebana book where I was showing the ladies in the club my South African money for no particular reason. By the looks on our faces I think we reposed the event for the photographer.

And as you can see below, there were also the Wazm washi mobiles that I received as "payment" for a drawing. Considering how cute they look in our apartment: best payment ever. Success!

P.S. Above zero temperatures are feeling—and I can't believe I'm going to say this, but—balmy.

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