24 February 2012

It was December, it was Rothenburg ob der Tauber

For clarification, the town where I lived in Japan, Uchiko, has a sister city relationship with Rothenburg. Every year a small group of junior high students visit the town, another part of Germany, and another European country. I met up with ex-colleagues and ex-students for a short part of their trip.

Pardon the artsy shots of things that might not interest you, and the backs of people's heads. Respecting the privacy of minors and all that.

I'm actually rushing this post, because I want to get on with other ones. So, in short, touristy but beautiful. Fun. I'd like to go again. I'm sad that the toy museum is closing. Or has closed already, who knows. That was definitely a high point. That and those awesome wrought iron signs. Plenty of pictures of those, you have been warned.

P.S. There was an immense amount of Japanese tourists! Amazing! Out of the three or four people I roomed with during my stay at the hostel, only one wasn't Japanese. I even took to greeting people in the street—yes—in Japanese. Why not! Old habits die hard after all.

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