27 February 2012

It was 12

Degrees. Celsius. And sunny. There hasn't been a reason for going outside quite as good for a rather long time. So on Friday I got my house-hermit self off on a short cycle to Herrenberg.

It seems that fields are being ploughed. That, and some ground cover plants are rotting and becoming quite smelly. But the nice weather got many people out on their feet, bicycles, or wheelchairs, to exercise themselves and their dogs. It's great to have all the farmland open for everyone to appreciate. And when I'm on a highpoint out in the fields, I can see all the surrounding villages and wonder which one looks like the one I was aiming for.

Below is a rough trace of my route. Foot paths are hard to track. Estimated distance: 27 km.

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From the archive: We visited Herrenberg in summer last year.

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