08 February 2012


After some colder weather, Germany can almost fool you into thinking that -5 °C and sunny is "a nice day". Well you almost got me there, Germany. But I'm not heading out for a picnic just yet.

Once I get my blogger-self in order I'll finally post the promised Rothenburg pictures. They're all nice and edited, now I just have to make a selection for here. After that, there are also pictures from some winter festival we ran through this weekend. "Some winter festival" because I haven't quite figured out the origin of people dressed like witches and demons parading down the street—though I'm quite intrigued by the cultural parallels between this and Setsubun—and "ran through" because after two hours in the cold the demons weren't so interesting anymore; all we could think to do was run home before we died, you know, of hypothermia. In the snow. Right there amongst all the other people who were functioning perfectly well.

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