29 December 2011


I promise I won't bore you with any details surrounding my Christmas. These pictures happen to be from Christmas day, but they have nothing to do with the event and everything to do with some good views of my hometown and some of the public sculptures that have been installed all over. You can read more about them on 20 Stellenbosch: Two Decades of South African Sculpture.

Pardon my complaints in the captions about my pocket camera, the Canon PowerShot A3100 IS. This camera refuses to focus when you've zoomed in on something. What is the point, I ask you!?

Speaking of captions, a note on the first one: "Post-colonial paradise".

Sometimes walking around here is a bit surreal. Palm trees, bright bougainvillea flowers, all these colours etched against the burning blue sky. And all the luxury around you, but if you were to simply float a short distance in another direction you could be surrounded by an environment that's completely different. This is just an odd country.

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