30 December 2011

Kalk Bay

We made a girl outing to Kalk Bay in Cape Town yesterday.

The world, as Norbert Wiener once remarked, may be viewed as a myriad of To Whom It May Concern messages. The significance of this statement becomes apparent when we recognize that everything that exists and happens in the world, every object and event, every plant and animal organism, almost continuously emits its characteristic identifying signal. Thus, the world resounds with these many diverse messages, the cosmic noise, generated by the energy transformation and transmission from each existent and event.

That is to say, Kalk Bay is full of shops which are full of things that will appeal to women who enjoy browsing.

While every thing and event contributes to this cosmic noise, each emits its identifying message and also has a highly selective receptivity for only a selection of these multiple messages, while indifferent or insensitive to all others.

And that is to say, it's definitely a good idea to leave the men at home.

Fun things to look out for in the pictures include what you're not aloud to take into the station or onto the train, and some hand painted signs. You'll also see some shots of the very extensive Whatnot and China Shop, of which I also made a brief video clip—you can't really sum the place up in pictures.

If you're going to visit Kalk Bay, strongly consider using the train. We didn't have any major traffic issues because we came and left earlier than many others—read: hipster kids, but since the main area of shops and restaurants doesn't span much of a distance and the station is at the centre of it all, it would've made more sense to go the public transport route. Next time!

Oh! And try cinnamon ice cream. What could be more Cape Town? Hello, spice route. (Just try to ignore the girl scratching around inside her mouth right before she serves you... I know, right?)

Quotes are from "The World as a Communication Network" by Lawrence K. Frank, as included in Sign, Image and Symbol (London: Studio Vista Ltd, 1966, p.1). This book and others procured from the excellent Quagga Rare Books & Art.


  1. Looks like fun!! And the train is so LONG!!

  2. This train runs in a CITY, not out in the boonies like where you live my dear ;P