09 November 2011

Life in a day / A day in the life

You may remember a post from a while back featuring some books I rediscovered in storage back home.

And as I mentioned then, this book is A day in the life of South Africa, published in 1982 as an independent project. "[It] takes one ordinary day, Wednesday 26th May, 1982, and through the lenses of thousands of photographers, it brings you South Africa, as seen by South Africans."

Well recently I came across the movie below. It's the same idea, except it's international, it's video, and it's 2010. At one and a half hours it's a long one, so switch to HD, get cozy, and enjoy.

P.S. Staying with the documenting theme, the link to this movie was posted on Twitter by one half of the Bicycle Portraits duo, Nic Grobler. They're now realising one of the final stages of their massive project to photograph and interview ordinary South Africans who love to use a bicycle to get around. I would highly recommend backing them on Kickstarter to get your hands on one, or all, of their books.

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