25 November 2011

Cold, clear light

There's something quite delicious about how the sideways slant of afternoon light on a cold, clear day can hit the world right in the face. I went to get a dose of this on a minor exploration of one of the many -ingens around here, Aidlingen.

The weather looks really nice, so you might hold out on putting on your gloves and then start to think it's not necessary, until you realise you've moved from cold, through pain, all the way to numb, and only by looking at your red fingers that you can't feel at all do you come back to your senses.

Seeing the ladies in black and white, which I assume to be some form of habit, always brings to mind Gauguin's Brittany paintings, like Vision After the Sermon.

Towards the end there are the rentable(?) gardening space pictures. We have these on the outskirts of Ehningen too. I assume they are rentable. Basically it seems that people who don't have gardening space where they live would get a space like this if they wanted to grow some things. It makes a lot of sense really. And it's probably not more than two or three kilometres from any corner of the village.

Tomorrow we'll really get to grips with the season by checking out some local Weihnachtsmärkte. Watch this space!

P.S. I would map out my route, but all the pathways aren't roads that you can track on Google Maps, so fail on that front.

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