28 August 2011

Picture street

Well folks, here we are. This is Germany. Guten Morgen.

There's much to say, and also not really. Frankfurt airport was the worst, but at least people stop at zebra crossings here, and 90% of shoes in shoe stores aren't frightening.

Yes, inevitably this will be a Japan comparison, at least for some time. Or maybe just until I receive my luggage. Needless to say it wasn't sent overnight, as it would have been in Japan. Whine whine whine, I know.

The good and the bad of everyone speaking German instead of Japanese is that we can catch some of it. Good. Can we reply or ask a question? No, bad. So we have more of a clue but no way to prove it. Because even when you try to remember a German word, the Japanese one comes to mind. Thanks, brain.

Below are two clips from yesterday when we went hunting for a laundromat. Which we found. The old lady there was very nice. Similarity: old people generally speak no English, but are super nice. Anyway, these two streets make you want to move into a cute little German house and breed.

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