19 August 2011

More book procrastination

Now that the box of books I'd like to send to Germany—once we have an address!—is just about ready, I have to start packing everything back into boxes that will have to be stored for another undecided amount of time. The books below are some I bought at a sale of the J.S. Gericke some years ago. I opted to just make a few scans of the pictures I like, so the books can stay right here.

For some encyclopaedic knowledge of man, the animal kingdom, etc.: Die Afrikaanse Kinderensiklopedie: Deel I, onder redaksie van Dr. C.F. Albertyn. Nasionale Boekhandel, Bpk., Kaapstad, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, 1959.

For a million-and-one diagrams of bodies of different shapes and the clothes they supposedly should wear: Clothes Make Magic, by Emmi Cotten. E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc., New York, 1956.

For everything possibly related to dressing yourself: Dress: The Clothing Textbook, Third Ed., Eleanor J. Gawne & Bess V. Oerke. Chas. A. Bennett Inc., Peoria, Illinois, 1969.

And as a final homage to people like my one grandmother who had a degree in home economics: Good Housekeeping Book of Needlework, by Wyn Munro. Ebury Press, London, 1966.

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