11 August 2011

Let's forget about catching up

Or chronology, or any of that nonsense, and go get our stuff out of storage, recall that we inherited or bought or collected lots of awesome books, and take pictures of them!

The slideshow below includes some shots of, amongst others:

A day in the life of South Africa, published in 1982 as an independent project.

[This book] takes one ordinary day, Wednesday 26th May, 1982, and through the lenses of thousands of photographers, it brings you South Africa, as seen by South Africans.

Tales from the Malay Quarter, recorded and retold by I.D. du Plessis, translated into English by Bernard and Elize D. Lewis, with book design and decorations by Nerine Desmond. Maskew Miller, Ltd., Cape Town, 1945.

The Malay Quarter and its People, by I.D. du Plessis and C.A. Lückhoff, with photography by E. van Z. Hofmeyr and J. Lückhoff. A.A. Balkema, Cape Town and Amsterdam, 1953.

100,000 Years of Daily Life: A Visual History, by Jacques Brosse, Paul Chaland, and Jacques Ostier, edited by Robert Laffont, and translated by Anne Carter. Golden Press, New York, 1961.

In summary, I'm a total sucker for history, historical narratives, visual history, and encyclopaedias! Yay!

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