07 April 2011

Ladies dinner

This has been a pretty arduous post to write! It was almost as hard as eating all the food I'll describe below, after we had gone to hanami in the afternoon. I even had to call in reinforcements from the wonderful friend who is skilled in French.

You'll also notice a lot of Wiki links in there, because this turned into a strange study of French cooking through the Japanese language.

But the bottom line is this: Hanagoromo 花ごろも in Gorō, Ōzu 大洲市の五郎 is an amazing place to eat. It was a great follow-up to my recent ladies lunch. The French cuisine, with an appreciation of local ingredients, was beautifully complimented by the eclectic mix of Western and Japanese objects that made up the interior of the restaurant's private dining rooms. Reservation only!

The menu

Burgundy style sazae escargot (Turbo cornutus) grilled with herbs

Spring cabbage potage with seafood wrapped in spring cabbage

Hors d'œuvre of the day

  • 自家製スモークサーモンと野菜のテリーヌ
    Homemade smoked salmon and vegetable terrine
  • たっぷりベーコンと玉葱のキッシュ
    Bacon and onion quiche
  • 帆立グリエ茄子のピューレ、大洲産苺のさっぱりラビゴットソース
    Grilled scallop and eggplant purée served with a classic sauce ravigote of Ōzu strawberries
  • 愛媛県産カブトエビのカダイフ巻き ラタトゥイユとアメリケーヌソース
    An Ehime tadpole shrimp kanafeh roll with ratatouille and sauce Américaine

Meat dish of the day
  • 国産牛ほほ肉の赤ワイン煮込み
    Japanese beef cheek meat cooked in red wine
  • 国産霜降り牛イチボ<ランプ>希少部位。のステーキ
    Salt and pepper Japanese beef rump steak
  • スペイン産イベリコ豚のステーキ
    Spanish Black Iberian pork steak
  • シャラン産カモのロース はちみつ焼き
    Challands duck roasted in honey
  • フランス産仔羊キャレのロティ
    Hot roast French lamb
  • 国産極上牛フィレ肉のステーキ
    First grade Japanese beef fillet

Velvety gâteau au chocolat with fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream

Coffee, espresso, herbal tea, or regular tea

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