09 April 2011

Floral day

Flowers 1: Today was the day that the ikebana ladies finally got to meet my husband. A strange sort of excitement reigned. Like you're having a tea party with your other 6-year-old girlfriends, except your male cousin is visiting, and that's like weird, and a little fun, but weird.

Anyway, under teacher's amazing hand even the husband could do a beautiful arrangement. And my personal success was that even though she rearranged my main flowers, I had managed to do the bottom ones well and she even said so. Gold star!

Flowers 2: Before we left, we took a short walk to the bridge to look at the cherry blossoms on the hill and all around. We also had a quick pink tree and red bridge photo op.

Flowers 3: Next we made a quick stop at the Ōzu flower park フラワーパーク 大洲 to admire the tulips. Well worth a visit!

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