27 November 2010

From Nagahama

I followed the easy return route I had planned, even though some of it had turned out to be the going there route too (doh, again). But hey, I enjoyed using the little roads that run through the rice fields, parallel to the main route, and I got a chance to photograph the things I had seen the previous day but didn’t have the mental capacity to care about just then.

The weather was also amazing. Clear blue skies all the way. Autumn tapestries on the hillsides. Sunshine on my face. And trash by the road. Like it’s some sort of dumping ground that just came about by collective telepathy. Not the first one of its kind I’ve seen, but quite out there in the open. I also liked the pile of bicycles just further up the road.

After that it was a short hill up until I saw the vineyards of Uchiko, then the sports ground, then the gorgeous red leaves by the big pond on the way down, and home (gymnastic V-shape arms).

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Total distance: 23km

P.S. Sleeping late and fantastic breakfast made by fantastic friend, A+.

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