19 November 2010

Blue skies and fingers

Tunnel light.
I am dutifully wearing layers of warm clothes but I’m still freezing. And it’s that time of year where the date isn’t quite right or the temperature hasn’t dropped to the correct decimal point for any heating of the school to start happening just yet.*

But it’s also the driest time of year—driest, not actually full-on dry, because Japan in comparison to South Africa is infinitely wet—so there’s sunshine and blue skies. This morning on the bus ride over here the sun was shining straight into the tunnel and the entrance and the light made a sort of giant sleek bullet shape.

So I’m hoping this weather persists so that even though I will be freezing my over-sized behind off, I can conquer the mountain and get some great pictures tomorrow!

Oh and in other news, check out this talk about mountain biking with juvenile prisoners in Israel. I’ll explore mountain biking in the future, but probably not here. I’ve seen some dirt tracks, but Japan has this knack for having tarred roads that go to pretty remote places. Also, I’m just not that brave yet!

*Turns out the kerosene hadn't arrived or been prepared or something, after it was 4°C this morning. But the homeroom teacher of the class I had lunch with took pity on me and the room was heated!

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